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Hells Angels Berdoo

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BadAct Dave Email

Have the  priveledge of friending John from Berdoo on facebook. I am from the West Coast of Canada and have many a good friend who are H.A. I have painted countless bikes, signs, homes and a Clubhouse. As much as I know of the guys I have a hard time agreeing with the public view of the club. People need to meet a member one on one and see that these men are human with families, jobs, businesses and a tight brotherhood. I have never had an issue with any member and there is a chapter here in Nanaimo. I show respect and have always had it returned. AFFA!  I am going to place an order from Berdoo support gear and will wear it proudly and respectfully.

Dissenters MC Email

Thank you for the invite to Summer Bash, we had a great time.

phil Email

just a hello to fellow freedom & liberty lovers - kudo's to all that stand up against injustice from this ever increasing fascist government- good to know when the SHTF some will not go willing to the slaughter- being a conservative tax paying U.S. CITIZEN I have a lot to fear these days- God Bless

Celt. Chosen Few MC 

Am looking forward to Summer Bash this Sunday.

Danny Matzke Email

  Our family has always respected, rolled with and backed the Angels...   We all have nothing but love and respect for all Angels world wide and always will....  (FREE ALL ANGELS)...  Keep riding free...   The Matzke family Berdoo, So. Cal I.E...  LH&R Danny....
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