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Hells Angels Berdoo

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lil jake 

first and for most i send my respects to berdoo! i support my local chapter and always will riding high living free.. love and respects BERDOO 81 I.E

BadAct Dave Email

Have the  priveledge of friending John from Berdoo on facebook. I am from the West Coast of Canada and have many a good friend who are H.A. I have painted countless bikes, signs, homes and a Clubhouse. As much as I know of the guys I have a hard time agreeing with the public view of the club. People need to meet a member one on one and see that these men are human with families, jobs, businesses and a tight brotherhood. I have never had an issue with any member and there is a chapter here in Nanaimo. I show respect and have always had it returned. AFFA!  I am going to place an order from Berdoo support gear and will wear it proudly and respectfully.

Dissenters MC Email

Thank you for the invite to Summer Bash, we had a great time.

phil Email

just a hello to fellow freedom & liberty lovers - kudo's to all that stand up against injustice from this ever increasing fascist government- good to know when the SHTF some will not go willing to the slaughter- being a conservative tax paying U.S. CITIZEN I have a lot to fear these days- God Bless

Celt. Chosen Few MC 

Am looking forward to Summer Bash this Sunday.

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